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Creating Multidisciplinary Space

Decode: a robotics workshop series for kids in grades 4-7

Learn to code and build!

A fun and interactive learning experience for the future scientist, engineer, astronaut, and programmer in your home.


How it Works

No experience required! Your child will spend four days (Sep 21, Sep 28, Oct 12, Oct 19) learning the skills necessary to build and program a robot.

We supply the laptops, robotics kits, and equipment.

The workshops will be led by Simon Fraser University's senior engineering teams who design projects that launch into space!


The Learning Process

Your child will learn the basics of Python programming, one of the most in-demand programming languages of 2019.

After learning to code, our students apply what they've learned to build and program a robot that performs various tasks!

We have multiple teachers and volunteers on the scene, guaranteeing that every child is guided through the entire workshop. 


What Your Child Gains

Our students collaborate, think critically, and problem solve throughout the workshop series. Upon completion of our program, students leave with improved soft skills on top of their valuable new technical skills.

Every child needs a spark of inspiration to discover the subjects that they love.

Our workshop gives every student a taste of computer science and engineering!

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