bringing aerospace to all

SFU Aerospace is a joint initiative among the three largest aerospace teams at Simon Fraser University. We are an administrative team working to represent each design team in their efforts for funding and resources. Together, we represent over 100 students and their ambitious goals from designing and building satellites and rockets autonomous drones. We are more than funding and technical development, it is apart of our core values that a STEM education should be accessible to all regardless of their backgrounds and experiences. Most of all, we create a multidisciplinary space.




SFU Team Guardian strives to continue past the present members, with each generation mentoring the next. They also provide opportunity for students to gain experience working with unmanned aerial vehicle technology, through designing and building drones.



SFU Satellite Design Team aims to inspire future generations of space explorers, engineers, and business leaders through innovation and teamwork. Through their endeavors of designing and building a satellite, they are enhancing education, building community, and advancing science.



SFU Rocketry strives to help students develop the skills necessary to enter the growing aerospace industry. They are working to achieve this through the development of advanced sounding rockets and scientific payloads. The rockets built are capable of reaching the edge of space.