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Creating Multidisciplinary Space





Bringing Aerospace to all

SFU Aerospace is a joint initiative among the three largest aerospace teams at Simon Fraser University. Together, we represent over 100 students and their ambitious goals from designing and building satellites to rockets and autonomous drones.


Our design teams were created because of a need from students to gain practical skills and problem solving skills outside of a classroom.

Our latest workshop is the Decode Workshop Series. Over a span of 4 weeks, students in grades 4-7 will use LEGO Mindstorms to further their computer science and coding skills.



Our Teams

Our teams design and build drones, satellites, and rockets, each with a mission revolving around developing and inspiring the next generation. Want to learn more about each individual team’s activities and specific missions?


our sponsors

Bronze Sponsors

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SFU Aerospace highly values inspiring and developing the next generation of explorers and engineers. We rely on the support of our sponsors to continue to innovate and give back to our community. With attendance at multiple local and international conferences and events each year, we are able to provide the recognition your organization deserves.